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Cheeseman Quay
05 November 2012 @ 12:42 pm
I have absolutely no patience for people who choose their pocketbooks over civil rights.
I have absolutely no love for people who get in the way of fair elections.
And I extend absolutely no friendship to those who do not consider me an equal.
Cheeseman Quay
For anyone who plays or used to play at milliways_bar and hasn't been following the back room lately: Milliways is moving to Dreamwidth!

They're using the opportunity to free up many old and retired characters for play, as well as to preserve as much of Milliways' history on Dreamwidth as possible against the possibility of LJ going kersplut.

To decide what will happen to your character, help back up the game to Dreamwidth, and to see how you'll retain control over all your content, head on over here.
Cheeseman Quay
03 January 2012 @ 01:17 pm
Off and on all weekend I've been trying to draw parallels between reactions to the newest episode of Sherlock and the movie The Blindside. So much so that I'm actively trying to coin a phrase to encompass the feeling of respecting something for its merits, while still disapproving of its flaws.

Just now I'm remidned of my favorite line from the movie Hellboy:
We like people for their qualities, but love them for their defects.

...but this is really neither here nor there.

For those of you lucky enough to have missed one of my many rants about The Blindside let me sum up my position:

It's supposed to be a feel good movie about how the courage of one family's conviction raises a special boy out of a terrible situation.

What it is to me is yet another story of a rich white person who bestows both money and attention on a poor black person in order to raise them above their lowly station in life.

The first position is why my immediate family loves it, the second is why I don't think I ever could, regardless of how charming Sandra bullock is or how much I love that Kathy Bates is the whispered about Democrat. I avoided this movie the first weekend it was out for the reasons stated in the second synopsis, opting instead to see Ninja Assassin...which was awesome, in case you were curious.

It's been over a year since The Blindside came out, and I think I've seen the movie at least four times...by virtue of spending various weekends at Rocker Bing's house. Each time I see it I keep myself quiet during it, because...no good will come from trying to have that conversation. While I can see their forest, they don't seem to mind my trees...and so it goes.

Which brings me back to Sherlock.
I loved the episode. The ending is a bit...bizarre, I'll grant you. In fact...I'm more than willing to grant the trees, though...in the forest of the show those trees stand no taller than any other for me. I'd be more than willing to talk about why those trees are no taller for me, but...I don't have the energy to wade through the vitriol. SO instead, when my path happens to cross some commentary I don't agree with I find myself saying:

"Forget it, Bing. It's The Blindside."
Cheeseman Quay
31 December 2011 @ 06:55 pm
New Years.
When hope springs anew...or at least we hope it does.
So here's to hoping that hope will spring anew.